Miss Tapes #62

"Sometimes, the night, this obscurity, this tranquillity, weigh me. It is the peace that frightens me. I dread it above all."

.Burial - In McDonalds
.Burial - Shell of light (extracto)
.The KLF - A melody from a past life keeps pulling me back
.Alpha - Nap
.Harpers Bizarre - Witchi tai to
.Ennio Morricone - La bambola
.Alpha - Sometime later (theme)
.Propaganda - Valley of the machine gods
.Streetlife Originals - Music for pleasure
.Christian Zimmerman - Diary of a lost girl (Maas Remix) (extracto)
.Arsenal - Far have I come (feat. Jhelisa)
.The Beach Boys - Wouldn’t it be nice (a capella) (extracto)
.Shadows of Knight - Dark side
.Smog - Drinking at the dam
.Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Bandit
.The Emperor Machine - Dying by wits
.Jada - The promised land


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