Miss Tapes #65

.Isaac Hayes - Ike’s rap I
.Isaac Hayes - Ike’s rap II
.Portishead - Glory box (extracto)
.Isaac Hayes - Ike’s rap III
.Art of Noise - Crusoe
.Georgie Red - Help the man (instrumental)
.CFCF - Raining patterns
.Detektivbyrån - Life / universe
.Peter Janda - 2020
.Mike Oldfield - Bad news
.Dark Side of the Moon a Cappella - Us and them
.Cameron - Mystery wind
.Devendra Banhart & Jana Hunter - Little monkey / Step in the name of love



Morreu Hector Zazou. Ouçam.


Miss Tapes #64

.Herbert & Dani Siciliano - Going Round (Hmmm Mix) (Miss Tapes Edit)
.Alain Poinsot - Rosarium 2
.Bruno Ponsato - What we wish
.Chris and Cosey - Irama
.The Future Sound of London - Meadows
.ELO - The whale
.Quiet Village - Pillow talk
.Edgar Froese - Moonlight on a crawler lane
.Double - The captain of her heart
.100 % Pure Poison - Boarding pass
.Cousteau - Last good day of the year
.Maynard Ferguson - Swamp



All undergrounders

"Great lines of numbers
All bright and shiny
All through the ether
Some huge, some tiny
All through the ether
From France to China
Unite the people
All bottomliners

Some brass, some paper,
Some gold, some silver,
Some full of promise,
Some full of anger,
In ranks of thousands
They fall and stumble
All bottomliners
We make the number

And in the future,
New forms of romance:
Grenade and landmine
In twilit silence

With hands that tremble
And lives that flounder
All bottomliners
All undergrounders
All undergrounders
All undergrounders
All undergrounders"

Brian Eno, Bottomliners