Miss Tapes #1(00)

The end is the beginning is the end.

.Taylor Deupree - Haze it may be
.Human League - Morale/You've lost that lovin' feeling
.Fred Frith - Trains and boats and planes
.Richard X - Walk on me
.Bochum Welt - Lunakhod
.The Durutti Column - Sketch for summer
.Yo La Tengo - You don't have to be so sad
.(tema desconhecido retirado da compilação Moonshadows Part 3, de DJ Harvey)
.Sebastien Tellier - La ritournelle (Mr. Dan's Mix)
.The Album Leaf - The mp
.Jack - Dress you in the morning
.Carrie - Honey blue star
.Smog - Chosen One


Miss Tapes #99

.Supreme Cuts - Whispers Part 2
.Burial - Truant (extracto)
.1991 - High-Tech Love-Life
.Sand Circles - Descending Into Space
.Supreme Cuts - Intermission
.10CC - I’m Not In Love
.Gayngs - Crystal Rope (extracto)
.Gayngs - Spanish Platinum
.The Alan Parsons Project - Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)
.Pink Floyd - Unknown Song
.Incarnations - Let Love Find You
.Gayngs - Crystal Rope
.Surahn - Guilty
.Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Baby
.Jan Hammer Group - Don’t You Know
.Bryan Ferry - Your Painted Smile
.Supreme Cuts - Whispers Part 2


Miss Tapes #98

Black is beautiful.

.d'Eon - #118
.Atom Tm - Voralpenthema II
.King Britt - Lilloo's Seduction (extracto)
.Com Truise - Open (extracto)
.Lone - Stands Tidal Waves
.Cadillac - Rising Sun
.Pink Floyd - Marooned
.The Narcissist - II (extracto)
.Frank Ocean - Sierra Leone
.Clams Casino - The Fall (feat. The Weeknd)
.Hype Williams - Rise Up (Copeland PMT Club Mix)
.RIMAR - As Times Moves Into This Home
.Holy Other - Touch
.Beat Culture - Memory (Cassettes)
.Oneothrix Point Never - I Only Have Eyes For You
.Grimes - Know the Way
.d'Eon - #05
.Com Truise - Alfa Beach (extracto)
.Edward Ka-Spel - Blowing Bubbles (Part 2)
.Sand Circles - Motor City II
.Sand Circles - Motor City (extracto)
.Sand Circles - Innercity Haze
.The Narcissist - II (extracto)
.Sly & The Family Stone - Time
.Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - 2
.Frank Ocean - End
.John Maus - Hey Moon