Não tenho nada a ver com isto, mas tenho tudo. Faço-me entender?


Por agora, as Miss Tapes ficam por aqui. Até breve.


Miss Tapes

.William H. Macy in INLAND EMPIRE - “Where stars make dreams and dreams make stars”
.David Lynch and Chrysta Bell - Polish poem
.Vangelis - Memories of green
.Billie Holliday - Yesterdays (Junior Boys Remix)
.David Lynch - Ghost of love
.The Passions - I’m in love with a german film star
.M83 - Don’t save us from the flames (Superpitcher Remix) (Extracto)
.Block Party - Where is home (Burial Remix)
.Boy is Fiction - If you hear me fall
.Brian Eno - In dark trees
.Beach House - Some things last a long time
.Panda Bear - Search for delicious (Extracto)
.Roy Orbinson - In dreams
.M. Ward - Afterworld
.Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - By the time I get to Phoenix
.Nick Cave & Gallon Drunk - The big hurt
.Del Shannon - The big hurt
.The Residents - Love theme from a major motion picture (Extracto)
.Tom Waits - Somewhere (From West Side Story)
.Panda Bear - Search for delicious

Para ouvir/guardar.


Algum 2007


“In Rainbows” - Radiohead
“Untrue” - Burial
“Person Pitch” - Panda Bear
“Asa Breed” - Matthew Dear
“Map of Africa” - Map of Africa
“Dirty Space Disco” - V/A
“Cendre” - Christian Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto
“Woke On A Whaleheart” - Bill Callahan
“Horse EP" - Junior Boys
“Seekers Who Are Lovers” - Seekers Who Are Lovers
“Ma Fleur” - The Cinematic Orchestra
“Koop Islands” - Koop
“Speicher 48” - Stardiver and Superpitcher
“From Here We Go Sublime” - The Field
“Goodbye” - Ulrich Snauss
“This Bliss” - Panhtha du Prince
“Cosmos” - Murcof
“Lady’s Bridge” - Richard Hawley


“Still Life” - Jia Zhangke
“The Lives of Others” - Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
“INLAND EMPIRE” - David Lynch
“The Proposition” - John Hillcoat
“A Guide to Recognize Your Saints” - Dito Montiel


One year in one minute