Miss Tapes

.Vangelis - Tears in rain
.Tangerine Dream - Invisible limits
.DJ Shadow - Changeling (Extracto)
.Tim Hecker - 7000 miles (Extracto)
.Snooze - Broke (Extracto)
.Steve Jansen - Conversation over
.Stars of the Lid - Slight on the childproof
.Bang Gang - Inside
.DJ Shadow - Stem/Long stem (Extracto)
.Deaf Center - Eloy
.Isan - Betty’s lament
.Maas - Look at me now falling (I Cube Naive Mix)
.Justin Robertson - Love movement (Ulrich Snauss Remix)
.Park Avenue - 73 hours
.The Wisdom of Harry - Schtumm

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And never, never stop

She showed me how to dance on the floor
The moves I could use
Each Friday at the Rex we would meet
Sometimes without words

The doorman said if you had arrived
What colours you wore
I wish we could have stayed all night
And never, never stop

The DJ played the songs we choose
Your moves just hypnotized me
Oh how I wish he plays another song

She always move her feet to the groove
And all the heads turn
So call your friends and bring them along
And get down on the floor

I'm here, I'm there I'm everywhere
When I feel the beat
With you in the round on the floor
And love in your eyes

The DJ played the songs we choose
Your moves just hypnotized me
Oh how I wish he plays another song

I wish we could have danced all night
And never, never stop

Jay Jay Johanson, Friday at Rex


Miss Tapes

.Andy Partridge - History of Rock ‘n’ Roll (extracto)
.Human League - Morale
.Junior Boys - Caught in a wave
.Owusu & Hannibal - Delirium (Morgan Geist Unrealeased Dub)
.Jay Jay Johanson - Friday at Rex
.Georgie Red - Help the man (instrumental)
.Forss - Lost through inversion
.Richard X feat. Deborah Evans - Walk on by
.Zig Zag - Le prophete
.Tim Hecker - 7000 miles + Supermax - Ain’t gonna feel
.Andreas Dorau & Justus Kohncke - Abermorgen
.Tim Hecker - Palimpsest II
.Jay Jay Johanson - I guess I’m just a fool
.Erot vs. Kings of Convenience - Gold for the price of silver
.Tim Hecker - 7000 miles
.Double - Captain of the heart

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Aviso à navegação

Problemas com o sítio podomatic.com, onde grande parte das Miss Tapes estão alojadas, tornaram impossível aceder a algumas edições. Quem estiver interessado em obter essas mesmas edições que já não se encontram disponíveis na Internet, pode contactar-me que terei todo o prazer em facultar esses ficheiros. Basta dizer quais.


Miss Tapes

.Harmonic 33 - Marionette 29 sec. sting
.Harmonic 33 - Planet 54
.Erik Wøllo - Little dream in turquise
.George Sarah - Sonata for Petra (Baby Into Babylon Mix)
.Seven Windows - Danse ralenti (extracto)
.Pablo Bolivar - Just perfect landscapes
.Carl Craig - A wonderful life
.The Other People Place - Sunrays
.TBA - Wind
.Robag Wruhme - Konnek
.Squarepusher - Tommib
.Boards of Canada - Tears from the compound eye
.JFC - Sunbeam targets
.Unknown track
.The Moody Blues - When you’re a free man

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The audience is listening

Quanta generosidade... Obrigado também a quem se pronunciou aqui, aqui e aqui. It takes strenght to be gentle and kind.
Acho que a melhor forma de agradecer é continuar a gravar estas cassetes imaginárias. A música fala por si.


Miss Tapes

Edição de Primeiro Aniversário

.Tim Hecker - I’m transmitting tonight (extracto)
.Scott Walker - On your own again
.Tom Waits - I’m still here
.Barry Adamson - The violation of expectation
.Aphex Twin - Xtal
.Lali Puna - Together in electric dreams (Human League cover)
.Radiohead - Nude
.Junior Boys - FM
.Montag - No one else
.My Little Airport -
.Goldfrapp - Number 1 (Múm Remix)
.Beach House - Childhood
.Grizzly Bear - Reprise
.Matthew Dear - Give me more
.Smog - Chosen one
.Richard Hawley - The ocean
.Gallon Drunk - To love somebody

.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Something’s gotten hold of my heart
.Fleetwodd Mac - Albatross
.Jeff Buckley - Morning theft
.Galaxie 500 - Ceremony
.My Little Airport
- 美孚根斯堡與白田珍寶金
.Moondog - Pastoral
.Destroyer - The music lovers

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Agradecer a todos quantos aqui voltam.
Agradecer ao Francisco Amaral, ao Francisco Mateus e à Maria José Lobato.