Miss Tapes #90

.Mono Puff - Pretty fly (extracto)
.Biosphere – Tranquilizer (extracto)
.Air France - Maundy Thursday (extrcato)
.Dennis Olivieri - I cry in the morning (extracto)
.Homelife - Sunday streets
.Sufjan Stevens - Movement II: sleeping invader
.Peter Green - Little dreamer
.JJ Cale - Magnolia
.Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band - Old time rock’n’roll
.Blank & Jones - Relax
.The xx - Infinity



Miss Tapes #89

.Some words of Robert Wyatt in french
.Neu - Leb’ Wohl (com Robert Wyatt a cantarolar, em fundo)
.Suicide - Keep your dreams
.Bruce Springsteen - Dream baby dream
.Suicide - Dream baby dream
.Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn - Dream baby dream revisited
.Suicide - Dream baby dream (previously unreleased)
.Inspiral Carptets - Dreams are all we have
.Laurence Rosenthal - The collectors
.Animal Collective - No more runnin’
.Findlay Brown - Teardrops lost in the rain (Stallions version)



Miss Tapes #88

Edward Steichen

.Pierre Dutour - Magic lake
.Forss - Lost through inversion
.Eden Ahbez - Full moon
.Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Quiet Village Remix)
.Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde - The Arc
.Alf Emil Eik - To you
.Harper’s Bizarre - Witchi tai to
.Cameron - Mystery wind
.Michael Franks - St. Elmos fire
.Colin Blunstone - Misty roses
.Dot Allison - Sunset
.Radiohead - Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Off-World Excursion)



Miss Tapes #87

.Grouper - Disengaged (extracto)
.Burial - Night bus
.Adem - Last transmission from the lost mission
.Autechre - Altbizz
.Seekers Who Are Lovers - Cereza
.Edith Progue - 12 A.M. (extracto)
.Inspiral Carpets - Dreams are all we have
.Junior Boys - FM (Marsen Jules Remix)
.Subway - Cristalline
.JFC - Driftwood
.Sinner DC - Coast
.Hatchback - Closer O forever
.Junior Boys - The animator



Miss Tapes #86

.Mike Oldfield - Bad news
.Destroyer - Bay of pigs
.Eberhard Schoner - Night bound city
.120 Days - Sleepless nights
.Tim Hecker - I’m transmiting tonight (extracto)
.Bryan Ferry - Nocturne
.Barry Adamson - Everything happens to me
.Beth Orton - Galaxy of emptiness
.Alpha - Oh
.Ulrich Snauss - In between the years
.Cousteau - To know her



"Listen, I've been drinking"

"Bay of Pigs", Destroyer


Miss Tapes #85

.Barry Adamson - Reverie (extracto)
.Zig Zag - Le prophete
.Chris Rea - On the beach (extracto)
.Tim Hecker - Songs from the highwire shrimpe (extracto)
.Fashion - Hurricane
.John Cameron - Heat haze
.Mantus - Can’t you feel it?
.Boom Clap Bachelors - Combiner
.Woolfy vs Projections - Absynth
.Giovanni Cristiani - Dancing for Dilletta
.Blue States - Your girl
.Vinicius de Moraes & Quarteto em Cy - Soneto do amor total (extracto)
.Percy Faith - Quiet night of quiet stars
.Quiet Village - Broken promises
.Astrud Gilberto with Stanley Turrentine - To a flame
.Gil Scott Heron - A lovely day



Miss Tapes #84

.Chris and Cosey - Irama
.The Gentle People - Journey (Reprise)
.Popol Vuh - Morgengruss II
.Future Sound of London - Osho
.Brian Eno & Harold Budd - Not yet remembered
.Paul Rogers - Lima luna (intro)
.The KLF - A melody from a past life keeps pulling me back
.Susumu Yokota - Kodomatchi
.Meanderthals - 1-800-288-Slam
.The Orb - Before because
.Bent - Cyclons in love
.Quiet Village - Keep on rolling



Miss Tapes #83

.Hatchback - Horizon (som de fundo)
.Bent - I love my man (extracto)
.Hatchback - Spaceship earth (extracto)
.Koss - Ocean wave (Across the Wave Mix)
.Sinner DC - Coast
.Hatchback - Closer o forever
.Charles Webster - Forget the past
.Terre Thaemlitz - Ball'r (Madonna-free zone)
.Charles Webster - I'm falling
.Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze - Comptine d'un autre été (l'apres midi)



Miss Tapes #82

.Beach Boys - Unrealeased backgrounds
.Love, Peace & Trance - Ho’ola
.Forss - Lost through inversion
.Woolfy vs Projections - Drifting
.Sun Palace - Rude movements
.A Mountain of One - Brown piano (Remake by Studio)
.Rubies - Room without a key (Version by Studio)
.Antena - Camino del sol
.Lalo Schifrin - Danube incident
.He Said - Pump
.Ilous et Decuyper - Berceuse
.Paul McCartney - Be what you see



Miss Tapes #81

.Tim Hecker - Songs from the highwire shrimpe
.Ryuichi Sakamoto - In the red
.The Field - Everybody’s got to learn sometime
.Joe Strummer - The brooling side of madness
.Lindtstrom and Prins Thomas - Horseback
.Kurt Vile - Beach on the moon
.Darondo - Didn’t I
.Mocky - Music to my ears (reprise)
.Droids - Tchoung fou
.Magnetic Fields - The dreaming moon
.John Foxx & Robin Guthrie - Estrellita



Miss Tapes #80

.Tokyo Black Star - Intermission
.Bob James - Rain
.Tokyo Black Star - Intermission
.John Lennon - On day (at a time)
.Instructions - Don’t say love
.The Alps - Into the breeze
.Boz Scaggs - Can I make it last?
.Ryoji Ikeda - Into the tranquility


80 é um bom número para parar.

Já noutras ocasiões as Miss Tapes foram suspensas, mas desta vez um novo motivo subjaz. Sinto, pela primeira vez, pouco entusiasmo em me lançar em novas edições destas cassetes imaginárias. Será um entusiasmo talvez proporcional àquele que tem sido despertado na audiência. Acredito que uns quantos indefectíveis ainda aqui venham à espera de algo, mas já há algum tempo que existe um silêncio e uma quietude maiores.

Não me interpretem mal: continuaria a gravar Miss Tapes nem que houvesse apenas um único ouvinte. Mas sem ânimo não valeria a pena.
E é com esse pensamento que as Miss Tapes hão-de voltar numa outra vida, talvez com outro nome, ou talvez não. Talvez com os sons de sempre, talvez com os sons que nunca aqui passaram. Não sei dizer.

Este número 80 é breve, como sinceramente espero que seja o tempo que durará até voltar o entusiasmo e a musica prosssiga o seu caminho.

Até lá, procurem-me aqui.


Miss Tapes #79

.Satyajit Ray - Charu theme
.Ryoji Ikeda - Radiorange
.Fleetwood Mac - Never going back
.Fleetwood Mac - Never going back (Tom Croose Edit)
.Rodriguez - Crucify your mind
.Ryoji Ikeda - Radiorange
.Isaac Hayes - Ike's mood
.Jack Nitzsche - The lonely surfer
.Lee Hazlewood - Your sweet love
.Gordon Lightfoot - Rainy day people
.Pink Floyd - Theme (take two)
.Loose Fur - An ecumenical matter
.Arthur Lee - Everybody’s gotta live
.Bill Fay - Some good advice



Miss Tapes #78

.This Mortal Coil - Velvet belly
.The Blue Nile - From a late night train
.Bryan Ferry - Nocturne
.Vangelis - My face in the rain
.Inspiral Carpets - Dreams are all we have
.At Swim Two Birds - Close to
.Gordon Lightfoot - Beautiful
.Deaf Center - Close
.Animal Collective - No more runnin’
.Psychic TV - Only love can break your heart
.Ryoji Ikeda - Into the tranquility
.Alpha - Elvis



Miss Tapes #77

.Tim Hecker - 7000 miles
.Leonard Cohen - Waiting for the miracle
.Adam Rush - Stop!
.Dimitri from Paris - Un tremede
.Mike Patton - She’s gone away
.Louis Armstrong - The creator has a master plan
.Laurence Rosenthal - The collectors
.Dr. John - I don’t wanna know
.Tim Hecker - 7000 miles
.Paul McCartney - Be what you see (extracto)
.Woolfy vs. Projections - Drifting
.Hatchback - Spaceship earth
.Paul McCartney - Be what you see (extracto)
.Daryl Hall - The farther away I am
.120 Days - Sleepless nights
.Neon Neon - Stainless style
.Prosumer & Murat Tepeli - Serenity Reprise
.Art of Noise - Opus for four (extracto)


Are you ready to be?

"looking like a born again
living like a heretic
listening to arthur lee records
making all your friends feel so guilty
about their cynicism
and the rest of their generation
not even the government are gonna stop you now
but are you ready to be heartbroken?
are you ready to be heartbroken?
pumped up full of vitamins
on account of all the seriousness
you say you're so happy now
you can hardly stand
lean over on the bookcase
if you really want to get straight
read norman mailer
or get a new tailor
are you ready to be heartbroken?"

Lloyd Cole, "Are you ready to be heartbroken"


No more sad songs


High Fidelity

"What came first, the music or the misery? People worry about kids playing with guns, or watching violent videos, that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands, literally thousands of songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss. Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?

The unhappiest people I know, romantically speaking, are the ones who like pop music the most; and I don't know whether pop music has caused this unhappiness, but I do know that they've been listening to the sad songs longer than they've been living the unhappy lives."


Miss Tapes #76

.Elvis Presley - Crying in the chapel (extractos)
.Barry Adamson - Suck on the honey of love
.Nurse With Wound - Groove grease (hot catz)
.Barry Adamson - Something wicked this way comes
.The Last Shadow Puppets - Meeting place
.The Flaming Lips - The observer
.Godsy - Wounding tricks
.Barry Adamson - The violation of expectation
.Arthur Lyman - Quiet village
.Elvis Presley & The Wailers - Crying in the chapel (mash-up)
.Richard Hawley - Lonely night
.Bob Lind - Cool summer



Miss Tapes #75

.Junior Boys - When no one cares (extracto)
.Bitcrush - Of days
.Tim Hecker - 7000 miles (extracto)
.July Skies - Branch line summers fade
.The Wedding Present - Caroline no
.Beach House - Some things last a long time
.The Smiths - I won’t share you
.Richard X feat. Jarvis Cocker - Into you
.Jay Jay Johanson - I fantasize of you
.Gonzales - Overnight
.Boy is Fiction - Stack is bad
.Air - Talisman
.Junior Boys - When no one cares
.Burial - Shell of light



Breve história do tempo

"Time is the stuff of music: music manipulates our experience of time; it plays with the rhythm of experience; it stretches and complicates our relationship to the passing of time. If the world of physics is a space-time continuum, music is a pitch-time continuum. We use spatial metaphors to express our experience of frequency - notes are higher and lower, something expressed formally in staff notation, and deeply inscribed in our experience of music as performers and listeners. A large interval between two notes is a gulf to be stretched over. The quintessential musical form, melody, as it moves up and down in pitch space, over time, is a sort of quasi-miraculous bridging of the gap between the abandoned past, the ungraspable present and the as-yet-to-be-achieved, utterly unreal future. We grasp it and, as we do so, time is attended to and made palpable and affective."

O resto aqui.



Samba e amor

A Bossa Nova nasceu há 50 anos. Aqui, celebra-se.


Miss Tapes #74

.Hecq - Dis (extracto)
.Flying Lotus - Auntie’s lock / Infinitum
.Hecq - Dis (extracto)
.Flying Lotus - Infinitum (Exile Remix)
.John Maus - Do your best
.Nick Drake - Come into my garden
.Trentemoller - Miss you (Lulu Rouge feat. Asger Baden Remix)
.Sauveur Mallia - Computer for love
.Dennis Wilson - You and I
.Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Feel AM
.Alessandro Alessandroni - Aspetti Musicali
.Forss - Lost through inversion
.A Reminiscent Drive - Soulmates (extracto)
.Global Communication - 4.14
.Jose Padilla - I like clowns
.Fennesz - A year in a minute


Antes de começar a dar-vos música e publicar a primeira Miss Tape de 2009, gostava de agradecer a todos os que por aqui passam e a todos os que têm a paciência de descarregar os ficheiros que crio com músicas dos outros. Agradecer ainda a todos quantos dão a conhecer este blogue a outras pessoas, alargando a audiência sem a qual nada disto faria sentido. O meu sincero obrigado.


Villanelle for our time

From bitter searching of the heart,
Quickened with passion and with pain
We rise to play a greater part.
This is the faith from which we start:
Men shall know commonwealth again
From bitter searching of the heart.
We loved the easy and the smart,
But now, with keener hand and brain,
We rise to play a greater part.
The lesser loyalties depart,
And neither race nor creed remain
From bitter searching of the heart.
Not steering by the venal chart
That tricked the mass for private gain,
We rise to play a greater part.
Reshaping narrow law and art
Whose symbols are the millions slain,
From bitter searching of the heart
We rise to play a greater part.

F. R. Scott