Miss Tapes

.Grandaddy - Jed’s other poem (beautiful ground)
.Fleetwood Mac - Safe harbour
.Jeff Buckley - The boy with the thorn in his side
.Fleetwood Mac - My dream
.The Beach Boys - All this is that
.Judy Garland - The man that got away
.Aphex Twin - Goongumpas
.Nirvana - Love suite
.Scott Walker - On your own again
.Alan Parsons Project - Nucleus
.M83 - Slight night shiver
.Marumari - Probed the maw
.St. Etienne - Downey, CA
.Richard X feat. Deborah Evans - Walk on by
.Caribou - Irene
.Richard Pinhas - Ruitor
.Aphex Twin - Fingerbib

Para ouvir.
Para guardar.

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