Miss Tapes

.Adem - Last transmission from the lost mission
.Junior Boys - FM (Marsen Jules Remix)
.Montag - I have sound
.Hauschka - Morning (Morning without morning Remix by Mira Calix)
.Hauschka - Traffic (Flying horses)
.Hauschka - Two Stones (Wega 2 stones Remix by Wechsel Garland)
.OST Lost in Translation - Intro Tokyo
.Montag - (Plus grand que)
.Roxy Music - Avalon (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)
.Roxy Music - Avalon
.Alpha - My things
.Junior Boys - When no one cares
.Library Tapes - Leaves abstract in a village plunged into mourning...
.Judy Garland - Somewhere over the rainbow (live)
.My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
.Kins of Convenience - Free Falling (Tom Petty)

Para ouvir.
Para guardar.

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