Miss Tapes

.Burial - Forgive
.Sigur Rós - Ó fridur
.Library Tapes - It ends with a version of keeping, reminding about once where...
.Animal Collective - Loch raven
.Belle and Sebastian - Nightwalk
.Erik Satie - Lent et doloureux
.Colin Newman - Alone (on piano)
.Brian Reitzell & Roger J. Manning Jr. - On the subway
.Montag - Les choses se placent
.The Wedding Present - Caroline no
.Beach House - Childhood
.Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice (extracto)
.Daniel Wang - Misty
.Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Feel AM
.Streetlife Originals - Le conspiration
.Ochre - A midsummer nice dream
.Patrick Wolf - I just wasn't made for these times
.M. Ward - Poison cup

Para ouvir.
Para guardar.

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